Getting hurt at work is a both painful and costly, and subsequently missing work due to injury only adds to your losses.  If you have suffered a work injury or impairment, don’t lose hope; the L&I team at Emery Reddy is here to help.  We’ll guide you through the claims process to make sure you don’t miss a penny of your entitled compensation.

Emery Reddy’s Workers’ Compensation attorneys have extensive experience securing benefits for workers who have suffered an injury on the job.  Our trusted legal team has represented many diverse Labor & Industries cases, handling claims for a range of work related accidents and injuries.  We proudly help clients seek compensation for workplace injuries and occupational diseases, as well as representing rejected claims.

Our skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyers are committed to securing loss-of-earning power benefits, partial or total permanent disability awards, and compensation for aggravated or worsening health conditions.

Available Benefits

For most employees, it is Workers’ Compensation alone that covers the cost of a workplace injury.  Our team is proud to assist clients in navigating the L&I procedures for adjudicating workplace injuries.

Standard benefits provided under a Workers’ Compensation or L&I claim may include:

  • Medical coverage, including surgery, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and other rehabilitation services
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Vocational rehabilitation service
  • Awards for permanent partial impairment if an injured party regains the ability to work, or pensions for individuals unable to resume work

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Injured at Work? What you Need to Know:

Labor & Industries

If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits.  After your claim is approved, the cost of your medical care and rehabilitation services will be covered by either Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I) or by your employer’s insurance.  If permanent disability resulting from the injury prevents you from returning to work, you may even qualify for those lost wages.

Self-Insured Employers

Injured employees of self-insured businesses are entitled to the same workers’ rights and compensation benefits as those who file claims with WA state LnI.  However, in this case it is the employer, rather than Labor & Industries, who will process the claim and compensate the injured worker for losses and damages.  Before you file your claim, find out if your company is among the thirty percent of employers who are self-insured in Washington State.

Retaliatory Practices

It is important for workers to fully understand their right to compensation in the event of an occupational injury.  It is illegal for employers to fire, layoff, or refuse to hire a person as punishment for seeking Workers’ Compensation.  These are known as retaliatory practices, and any form of such practice is illegal under state and federal law.

Victims of this sort of retaliation following an L&I suit are eligible for compensation from their employer.  If you have been the victim of retaliatory practices, act now; there is no limit to the amount of compensation that you may be awarded.

Commitment to Compassion

For many work injury victims, the suffering continues long after experiencing the initial trauma.  In addition to the physical pain, injured workers face mounting medical costs, lost wages, and emotional stress.

Let us help lighten the financial burden by representing your Workers’ Compensation or L&I claim.  We will work diligently to ensure that you receive full benefits to cover the cost of your injury.

At Emery Reddy, we know how difficult it can be for victims and their families during this time.  We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the legal process in order to provide the peace of mind necessary for a full recovery.

Free Consultation

The dedicated legal team at Emery Reddy represents workers with all sorts of injuries within any occupation.  Every case is unique, and we combine our legal expertise with a personalized litigation plan to earn each client maximum compensation.

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The L & I Claims Process

Navigating the L&I claims process can be extremely complex and time consuming. An experienced Emery Reddy Washington L&I attorney can help you through the following stages of your claim.


If you are injured at work and require medical treatment, visit the emergency room or a healthcare provider right away.  Be sure to inform the physician that you sustained the injury on the job.

An L&I attorney can find you a physician.  If your doctor is one of the many healthcare providers who will not handle Workers’ Compensation cases, our attorneys can help you find a qualified doctor who both treats L&I patients and understands the Workers’ Compensation/L&I system.

While the treatment and recovery of injured workers must be supervised by an attending physician who will provide updates to the claim manager, under Labor & Industries Law, patients have the right to see a doctor of their choice.  Our L&I Attorneys will handle your claim to ensure that you receive treatment from your preferred healthcare provider.

If you wish to change doctors before the completion of an L&I claim, simply fill out the physician change request form.


Promptly alerting your employer of the injury will allow enough time for the employer to learn details about the situation and respond promptly upon receiving the paperwork for your L&I claim.

If your employer demands that you use a company doctor, contact your L&I attorney immediately. While you may use a company doctor if you wish, Washington employers do not have the right to make such demands of injured employees.  Your L&I attorney will protect both your right to see the doctor of your choice and your right to refuse to have a company representative or nurse escort you during medical visits.

If injured by a third party in Washington State, workers may not sue their employer for compensation. However, when injuries are caused by defective products or machinery, or by someone who is not a co-worker, you may be able to file a third party injury claim to cover the costs of your injury.  If you believe your work-related injury was caused by the negligence of someone other than your direct employer, contact the Emery Reddy Third-Party Liability Attorneys.


Employees who are injured on the job work with their L&I attorney and the attending doctor to complete the accident report form.  The injury claim officially goes on file when the doctor submits the Workers’ Compensation paperwork to Labor & Industries.

Paperwork varies depending on the type of L&I claim. Your Emery Reddy L&I attorney will determine the nature of your Workers’ Compensation claim, process the appropriate forms, and keep records of all paperwork. Any correspondence, phone calls, or other negotiations with L&I or your self-insured employer will also be the responsibility of your lawyer.

Deadlines and time frames:  Your Workers’ Compensation claim must be submitted within one year of your injury date.  This time frame might be extended if your claim involves lengthy diagnosis process for an occupational disease.  Your L&I attorney will help you determine the specific schedule for submitting your claim.

Your Emery Reddy L&I attorney is here to help with the timing of your claim.  We will manage all the details of filing your claim, including any paperwork from you doctor.  As an advocate for your best interests, your lawyer will see to it that your physician submits reports within required timeframes, and will check the status of your claim by following up to make sure that L&I or your self-insured employer processes your claim in a timely manner.  To avoid any mix-ups that could delay your claim, an L&I lawyer can also assist you if any of your personal information changes or if you live or move out of state.


Once your claim has been approved, Workers’ Compensation benefits will cover your medical bills.  If you are eligible for additional benefits, the Seattle L&I attorneys at Emery Reddy will help you proceed with seeking wage replacement, return-to-work help, pensions, or disability compensation if necessary.

Medical benefits will be available to you for as long as your claim is open, even if you have returned to work.  Sometimes, workers who feel they have fully recovered will later find that they still need additional medical care for the same ongoing injury.  In the event that your claim was closed prematurely and you need further compensation, our Seattle L&I attorneys can work to reopen your case to ensure that any additional medical bills will be covered, including disability benefits.

Vocational services are available to injured workers who are unable to return to work right away.  If you are in need of vocational services, an Emery Reddy attorney will work on your behalf to secure the best solution for you.

Wage replacement compensation is available to some workers who miss work due to injury.  In such cases, L&I will reimburse the worker for lost time and wages.  Each time loss compensation case is different depending on such details as marital status and claimed dependents.  Our expert L&I attorney will guide you through these complex regulations so that you earn maximum compensation for lost wages due to injury.

Medication reimbursement:  Your L&I attorney will help you determine which of your prescription medications are covered under the Workers’ Compensation system, and assist you in securing full reimbursement for out-of-pocket drug costs.

Permanent disability benefits:  After their condition stabilizes, some workers find that they experience a degree permanent loss of ability or function.  Under such circumstances, an Emery Reddy legal representative can help you seek a permanent partial disability award or monthly pension, even if you are able to return to work

If your Workers’ Compensation claim is rejected for any reason, it is in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced L&I attorney to protest and appeal your denied injury claim.  Labor & Industries enforces strict time limits for appealing rejected claims, so we urge you to contact an Emery Reddy lawyer right away.  With our proven record of successfully appeals, you can be sure we will protect your rights as a worker by earning you the compensation you deserve.


Having been out of work due to an injury, an injured worker will only return to your job with a doctor’s medical clearance.  If you are not deemed fit to fulfill your prior duties or responsibilities, your L&I attorney will help arrange for lighter work for you as you continue toward full recovery.  Even so, employers will sometimes ask a returning employee to complete tasks that the doctor has prohibited.  If you find yourself in this situation, call your lawyer right away and obtain a copy of your worker restriction form for future reference.

Loss of Earning Power Benefits.  If your placement in light-duty work has you earning a lower wage than you are accustomed to, contact your Seattle L&I attorney to learn about receiving Loss of Earning Power Benefits. This type of compensation is often available from both L&I and self-insured employers.

Help is available when returning to work or pursuing training for a new job after an injury.  Your L&I attorney can help you find an L&I sponsored training program, or help you qualify to receive financial assistance for a vocational training program.

An L&I claim closes when a physician certifies that further treatment will not improve a worker’s condition, when L&I does not have documentation that the employee requires further treatment, or when treatment is successful and complete.

Protest or Appeal a Closed L&I Claim.

An L&I claim closes when a physician certifies that further treatment will not improve a worker’s condition, when L&I does not have documentation that the employee requires further treatment, or when treatment is successful and complete.

Protesting a claim:  In some cases, a worker, doctor or employer may disagree with the decision of Labor & Industry decision to close or reject a claim, and any of these parties may protest or appeal the L&I ruling.  Our attorneys will manage the appeals process to ensure that any ruling is in your best interest as a worker.  Emery Reddy’s Seattle L&I lawyers are also experienced with reopening injury claims in the event that complications of a workplace injury return or worsen.

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