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Support American Jobs: New Website Simplifies Shopping for U.S. Products

Made In USADig U.S. Out is an organization created to put Americans back to work. With the national unemployment rate still hovering over 8% and millions seeking jobs, it is time for Americans to take action.
The website of Dig U.S. Out features companies that manufacture 70% of their products in the U.S. The user-friendly site allows visitos to search everything from wine and camping gear to cat food, skateboards and mailboxes.

Instead of depending solely on government to pull us out of our current financial trouble, Dig U.S. Out believes that citizens themselves can make major improvements in the American job market.  One simple step ordinary people can take is to purchase more products in the U.S.

The Dig U.S. Out website explain that “it is easy to want to purchase the cheapest priced products without giving notice or thought to where these products are made and whose jobs they are supporting.  Unfortunately, it is this carelessness that has contributed to our current economic difficulties and the enormous loss of jobs of our family members, neighbors, and friends.”

By simply changing our consumer habits and purchasing more American-made products, everyone can help put their friends, family and neighbors back to work and starting rebuilding America’s economic future.  Dig U.S. Out explains that they understand that we are part of a global economy, but we have developed too strong of a dependence on the workforce of other nations, and too many American jobs have been outsourced.

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