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Working Moms Out-Earn Childless Women in Some High Positions, New Study Shows


Working mothers are in one of the most challenging positions in today’s workforce: they face our country’s ongoing gender gap in pay, high costs of childcare, and challenges in maintaining employment continuity during childbirth and recovery.

Yet there is some very encouraging news for working moms (at least those in higher ranking positions): their sacrifices seem to be paying off. New data shows that working mothers are closing the salary gap that has persisted during recent decades — and in some cases, they are even out-earning childless counterparts.

Jobs in medicine and business indicate the biggest gains for working moms. Data emerging from the most recent conference of the Population Association of America (attended by leading demographers) indicates that some advances are quite noteworthy.

The study reports that “married with young children is associated with higher earnings than being single without children in math and physical science, engineering and computer sciences, life sciences, medicine, law, and business … women with young children earn more in most elite occupations than women without children.”

Sociologists have started to research why working moms are increasingly beginning to out-earn peers without children; at the moment, no definitive causative factors have been identified. However, one working mom speculated that the responsibility of being a mother had enhanced her own focus and drive.

Diandra Prieto, a dietician, explained that “When I got pregnant, I couldn’t party, so I focused more on school … I excelled pretty easily.”

Are you a working mom who began really putting the pedal down when you had children? Read more here!

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