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Ten States Where Workers Hate Their Jobs

worker dissatisfactionOnly 30% of the American workforce reports being actively engaged in their jobs, according to a recently released Gallup report.

Moreover, Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace” shows that another 18% are actively disengaged from their jobs. These workers are more likely to “steal from their employers, negatively influence coworkers, skip workdays, and drive customers away.” In Rhode Island, which comes in at #1 for the percentage of people who hate going to work, more than 1 in 5 employees are strongly disengaged. Based on Gallup’s 2012 study, here are the top ten states where employees can’t stand their jobs:

10. West Virginia

9. Illinois

8. Michigan

7. New York

6. Vermont

5. Kentucky

4. Pennsylvania

3. New Jersey

2. Connecticut

1. Rhode Island

Interestingly, unemployment is much higher in states with the highest rates of disengaged workers. Out of the 10 states that topped the employment survey, seven had higher-than-average jobless levels. This includes Rhode Island, which shows the third highest rate of unemployment in the U.S.  And on the other hand, all ten states with the lowest percentage of disengaged workers also had below-average unemployment in 2012.

Jim Hartner, one of the lead statisticians at Gallup, explained that this makes sense. “It might just be a reflection of stable business in those areas, where they’re flourishing and they’re hiring, as opposed to laying people off.” Employees are probably more likely to take pride in working at a thriving and successful business. They also have a higher chance of landing an interesting and satisfying job the state with greater job opportunities.

The states where workers report the lowest satisfaction are significantly less likely to have good work environments. All ten feature below-average rates of workers utilizing their strengths at work. Workers in these states were also among the least likely to report that their supervisor created a trusting environment. Four of the five states with the lowest worker satisfaction levels also had the highest rates of actively disengaged workers.

“When people that are engaged come to work, they know what’s expected, they feel comfortable in the job that they’re in,” Hartner explained. “They feel they have a manager that helps support them and helps develop them.”

Being interested and integrated into one’s work culture is an important factory in one’s sense of well-being and in emotionally healthy life. Workers who are least-engaged with their jobs generally report being unhappy. Eight out of the ten states with the highest levels of disengaged workers scored well below average for emotional health.  These statistics are based on the emotional health and worker satisfaction data gathered by Gallup and Healthways for their Well-Being Index. Researchers also factored in baseline unemployment rates for 2012, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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