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Top 5 Careers for Job Satisfaction

Recent polls by Gallup, Time, the New York Times, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and others have shown that less than 50% of Americans are happy with their jobs. In the wake of these reports, employers are looking to increase workplace satisfaction, which is proven to boost both productivity and profitability.

But the formula for happiness at work includes a wide set of factors: big paychecks or a corner office alone won’t transform a worker’s outlook.

Socialcast recently produced a handy infographic that details various components involved in workplace bliss.  They track how levels of employee satisfaction are affected by the following: work/life balance; opportunities to use one’s skills and abilities; corporate culture; feeling safe in the workplace; benefits; the work itself; compensation/pay; independence; relationship with one’s supervisor; and job security.  As the graph below shows, this last factor turns out to be the single most important element in job satisfaction, with 63% of respondents reporting that it is highly  significant to them. In fact, 70% of workers who feel their jobs are secure report happiness with their work.

This has significant implications for workers, employers, and employment attorneys.  Not surprisingly, workers who feel they may be fired or laid off at any moment, or who are at risk of being victimized by workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, denied workers compensation benefits, and other unfair or unlawful practices have much lower rates of  workplace satisfaction.

To see the image below in its full size, visit the original post sponsored by the AFL-CIO.

workplace satisfaction


The list of top 5 “Happiest Careers” in the U.S. may also surprise many readers. They rank as follows:

1. Biotechnology Worker

2. Customer Service Representative

3. Teacher

4. Administrative Assistant

5. Buyer

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