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Biggest Companies By Revenue In Each State

Surprisingly, the biggest companies by revenue aren’t always the tech giants like Google and Apple.

Broadview Networks, a communications company serving small businesses on the East Coast, recently compiled data to create the map below depicting companies with the greatest revenue in each state during the past fiscal year. Banks, car-makers and retail giants like Costco ranked at the top of the list, even beating out tech firms like Apple and Microsoft.

See who dominated your state:


One note: those tiny logos that are difficult to read are CVS (Rhode Island), Lockheed Martin (Maryland), Dupont (Delaware), and Johnson & Johnson (New Jersey). For the complete list of companies and revenues by state, visit Broadview’s website.

Nationwide, the largest revenues were Walmart ($485.7 billion) in Arkansas and Exxon Mobile ($411.9) in Texas. No surprises there.

In New York, Verizon came in as the firm with the biggest revenue, netting $127 billion in 2014. On the other end of the country, Nike earned Oregon’s top spot with $27.8 billion, while Chevron in California raked in $212 billion, edging out Apple (also a California company) which made $182 billion.

In the food retail sector, Keurig took the top spot in Vermont with $4.7 billion in revenue, and grocery chain Hannaford netted Maine’s biggest revenue of $4.4 billion. Kroger was Ohio’s biggest company, with $108.5 billion revenue, and here in Washington State, everybody’s favorite wholesale store, Costco, topped the list with $112.6 billion in revenue.

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