The costs of slips, trips and falls at work may fall on negligent employers

Falls, trips and slips are consistently among the top ways workers get seriously injured or worse on the job. In 2018, Washington state witnessed 7,400 injuries and 17 deaths from work-related tumbles, according to statistics from the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I).

Not surprisingly, construction workers are at a much higher risk for injury and death from falls due to the dangers of the profession. But these types of injuries are highly preventable if the proper precautions are taken. Insurance Journal recently spotlighted a Snohomish County roofing company, Allways Roofing, whose safety practices put its workers at grave risk of fall-related injuries or death.

After being tipped off by concerned citizens near three Always Roofing job sites in Woodinville and Arlington, L&I investigators looked into the matter and found several workers on a steep-pitched roof without proper fall protection and others improperly using a 24-foot extension ladder. The violations amounted to $374,400 in fines for the roofing company, which had been previously cited by L&I seven times in Washington since 2012.

Allways’ broke most of the violations outlined by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), putting its workers at grave risk of injury or worse.

Workplace injuries can end a person’s career or affect the most important aspects of life, including health and financial wellbeing. Affected workers deserve compensation, but are often unaware that an OSHA violation led to their injury. An experienced attorney will work with industry experts to determine this and more.

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