On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court handed a victory to companies over workers, ruling that employers are not obligated to pay workers for extra time spent in security checks at the end of their shifts. The case emerged from workers in an Amazon.com Inc. warehousing contractor, Integrity Staffing Solu... (Read More)
It’s positive! These are two words that forever change a woman’s life. And as ten thousand questions run through your mind, one will certainly be “How will pregnancy and motherhood affect my career?” Five questions arise again and again regarding workplace rights for pregnant women. Th... (Read More)
Interactive Accommodation Process High school football coach K. Bella, who is deaf, just discovered a way to communicate with his players through a new technology that brings a live sign language interpreter to his television screen. Bella’s players, whether on the phone or elsewhere, can listen to the interpreter voicing out ... (Read More)
Female motorist with head injury getting out of a car after a crash The past few years have brought an alarming number of studies and reports on the short-term effects of concussions on youth who play sports, as well as possible long-term repercussions for professional athletes who play high-impact contact sports like football and hockey. All of these belong to ... (Read More)
guide dogs of america   Did you know that the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) founded Guide Dogs of America? Guide Dogs of America is committed to the mission of training guide dogs and providing instruction in their use at no charge to blind and visually impaired Ameri... (Read More)
tired employee wearing a black apron and teal tshirt A lot of Americans wouldn't dream of missing medical appointments or their annual physicals. And yet those same individuals repeatedly compromise their health—and may even shorten their lifespan—by skipping annual vacations! Skipping vacation can put us at risk of many ailments and disord... (Read More)
Construction worker has an accident while working on new house Construction site injuries and fatalities cost the state of Washington hundreds of millions of dollars, and exact an incalculable price on the lives of workers themselves. These costs were recently compiled and published in a report by Public Citizen, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group. The ... (Read More)