September 11 Cancer Victims Fight for Compensation

September 11 Last week an advisory medical panel recommended that over 30 different types of cancers be covered by the Zagroda 9/11 Health Care Act for those suffering from illness as a result of Ground Zero toxins.

The advisory committee says studies show a large number of cancers, including blood, digestive, skin, oral and respiratory diseases, are directly linked to dust at the World Trade Center after the September 11th attacks. Yet cancer was left out of the Zadroga health care bill despite dedicated advocacy from people who fell ill after breathing toxins at Ground Zero. The administrator of the program wanted more conclusive evidence.

If the government approves the recommendations, cancer victims would be eligible to apply for a share of the $2.8 billion compensation fund. The panel is scheduled to present its findings on April 2.

Yet Feal noted that even when the panel’s recommendation is made, a bitter political fight could remain. “Once it gets down to deciding what cancers to add, that becomes political — when people debate what can be afforded or not,” he said. “That’s what we have to fight against.”

Read more details here about 9/11 compensation.

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