Most Stressful / Least Stressful Jobs in 2014

military jobsEvery job comes with its own load of stress, but a new report from the job search site CareerCast details which positions have the most and least.

As the study reveals, jobs where employees risk their lives in the daily round of work, such as military personnel and firefighters, rank as the most stressful, while those posing no immediate dangers, such as audiologists and hair stylists, are some of the least stressful. But of course not all career stress comes from danger of workplace injury. The research shows that people working as public relations executives, newspaper reporters and event coordinators also suffer high levels of stress due to tight deadlines and intense public scrutiny.

Calculating the level of stress a worker experiences is partly determined by assessing the typical demands and crises characterizing that type of work.  The CareerCast system for job stress factors in 11 different demands that generally cause anxiety and distress, including hours of travel, potential for growth, frequency and flexibility of deadlines, working in the public eye, completion, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, risk to one’s own life, responsibility for the life of another, and meeting the public. [see the Happiest Jobs in America here]

The highest rankings were given if a particular demand was a significant part of the job, while fewer points were awarded if that requirement was only a small part of the job. No points were awarded if that demand was not a normal part of the job requirement.

Based on the CareerCast ranking, the 10 most stressful jobs for 2014 (along with their median salary) are:

  1. Enlisted military personnel: $28,840
  2. Military general: $196,300
  3. Firefighter: $45,250
  4. Airline pilot: $114,200
  5. Event coordinator: $45,810
  6. Public relations executive: $54,170
  7. Corporate executive (senior): $168,140
  8. Newspaper reporter: $35,870
  9. Police officer: $55,270
  10. Taxi driver: $22,820

Employees seeking a less stressful job must often put in extra work to land it. The study indicated that of the 10 least-stressful jobs, half require at least a bachelor’s degree, with others requiring post-secondary education and doctorates.

This year’s top least stressful jobs are:

  1. Audiologist: $69,729
  2. Hair stylist: $22,700
  3. Jeweler: $35,350
  4. University professor (tenured): $64,290
  5. Seamstress/tailor: $26,280
  6. Dietitian: $55,240
  7. Medical records technician: $34,160
  8. Librarian: $55,370
  9. Multimedia artist: $61,370
  10. Drill-press operator: $35,580

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