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March 5, 2024


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Emery | Reddy's Labor and Industries and Employment Attorneys outside the Seattle courthouse

Who is Emery | Reddy?

Welcome to Emery | Reddy, PLLC. We’re thrilled to meet you.

Are you experiencing problems with your employer or the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I)?

Did you search something along the lines of “employment lawyer,” “lni,”  “lni attorney,” or “labor and industries” and land here instead?

Well, you’re right where you need to be. Emery | Reddy’s skilled Labor and Industries and Employment Law attorneys can help—it’s is our motto, after all: We Help Workers ®.

We are the only law firm in Washington state that provides representation for both employment and workers’ compensation matters. If you are seeking assistance with either of these areas, you have landed on the right path. Allow us to guide you in your search for more information about your rights as an employee or injured worker, help navigating a workers’ compensation claim, or even obtaining justice from a previous employer or third-party.

Our Areas of Practice

L&I Workers’ Comp

Unfortunately, accidents happen, especially in a working environment. Each employer in Washington state is required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage, through either the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) or a private insurer, for when an employee does get injured on the job. While workers’ compensation coverage is crucial for an injured worker’s recovery, L&I and private insurance companies don’t always have your best interest in mind. It is their job to cover any expenses that come from an industrial injury or occupational illness, which means they would rather fight to maintain that your injury is not as bad as it seems, or even that it was not the result of an accident in the workplace, than pay whatever expenses come with your recovery and potential reward.

This is where Emery | Reddy’s expertise with workers’ compensation law can help you. Our attorneys understand the way insurance companies think, and they know just how far Labor and Industries and private insurers will go to pay an injured worker as little as possible for their injury. By retaining an attorney at Emery | Reddy, you are placing all of the undue stress that comes with navigating the claims process into the hands of someone who has your health and well-being as a first priority so you can heal properly and gain the benefits you deserve.

Personal Injury

Oftentimes, industrial injuries can be caused by faulty equipment, unsafe working conditions, or even the decisions or negligence of someone outside your workplace. Personal Injury cases, or third-party claims, can sometimes be filed in addition to a Labor and Industries claim. By linking these claims, you can receive compensation and potentially prevent such an injury happening to someone else down the line. Emery | Reddy is prepared to take on personal injury and third-party claims and fight for every worker’s right to a safe working environment.

Employment Law

With approximately 5 million workers in Washington state, there are bound to be laws violated and lines crossed when it comes to employee rights—especially by big corporations. Emery | Reddy has decades of experience litigating for workers who have been mistreated by their employer, whether it be wage and overtime violations, non-compete agreements, FMLA and WPFML violations, or even harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. Many employers know and understand these laws and will do anything in their power to make sure that you never find out that the way you are being treated is illegal. You can learn more about your rights and employment laws in Washington under our Employment Law section.

Were You Searching For Labor And Industries (L&I)?

You may be wondering how you ended up at Emery | Reddy if you were searching for information about labor laws or the phone number of the Department of Labor and Industries. Many of our clients found us in a similar way! The workers’ compensation process is a long and complicated one; most people who attempt to navigate their claim without the assistance of a Seattle L&I attorney will find that their L&I claim is closed before they receive the L&I benefits to which they are legally entitled. Don’t find yourself in that position!

L&I’s objective is to insure businesses when their workers are injured; unfortunately, the well-being of workers is often overshadowed in their attempt to save the employer money. You may not have known that you were looking for an attorney, but we know that getting the L&I benefits and medical treatment you deserve will always be easier with an experienced labor and industries advocate on your side.

At Emery | Reddy, it is our objective to help you receive the justice to which you are entitled, whether it be for a work injury, mistreatment by an employer, or even a third-party accident.

How Do I Retain Emery | Reddy?

In order for us to assist you in this process, we will need information that is crucial to determining whether your claim fits the scope of our practice. The best place to begin is with a Free Case Review with one of our skilled Intake Specialists. They will collect information about your employment and/or injury, and they will listen carefully to your story. Our Intake Team presents your case to our Labor and Industries Attorneys, who have litigated and navigated countless employment and workers compensation claims.

You may have started your search with the Department of Labor and Industries, but we can help you end it here at Emery | Reddy. Give us a call and get on the path to justice today.

Want More Information?

L&I Disability Pensions

Washington State Labor and Industries pension benefits are awarded to injured workers who will never be able to return to gainful employment due to a severe or life-threatening injury.


The L&I workers’ compensation process is anything but straightforward. Find out the answers to your L&I workers’ comp questions today.

Third-Party Claims

If your work injury was the result of another party’s actions, or if you were hurt at an off-site job location, you may have the right to seek additional benefits through a third-party claim.

Meet The Team

The Labor and Industries and Employment Law attorneys at Emery | Reddy are passionate about helping workers with L&I claims and employment law issues. We Help Workers®: it’s our motto, and it’s what drives us every day.

We know how L&I and big companies think, and we understand the tactics they use. Our labor and industries attorneys use that knowledge coupled with over two decades of experience to help our clients get access to the L&I benefits to which they are legally entitled and hold employers accountable when they break the law.

If you’re struggling with an L&I claim, injury, or legal issue at work, please call us and see how Emery | Reddy can help you today.

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